Fittings Products from IPS

Industrial Piping Systems stocks fittings for all industrial and commercial applications. Fittings are available in threaded, socket weld, flanged, grooved, sweat, compression, cam & groove, and in many different materials.

Carbon Steel Weld

Fittings & Flanges 150# & 300#

Forged Steel

3M, 6M# Carbon & Stainless Steel
Threaded & Socket Weld


Carbon & Stainless
Threaded, Welded, Socket & Elbow


Black , Galvanized, Copper, Stainless

Malleable & CI

Black & Galvanized
150# & 300#


Black, Galvanized, Brass, Stainless, PVC

Cast Iron

Threaded, No-Hub


Pressure, DWV, ProPress


Flare, Compression & Threaded


Schedule 40, Schedule 80, Schedule 40 CTS

Stainless Steel

304 & 316, Schedule 5, Schedule 10, Schedule 40, Compression Tube Fittings

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