With its Megapress piping system, Viega enables pressing of thick-walled steel pipes in sizes from ⅜ of an inch to 2 inches. Thanks to the new XL connectors, Megapress can now also be used in large-scale installations. Viega has additionally developed the Pressgun press booster to work in conjunction with the connectors. As a result, even the new 2½, 3 and 4 inch sizes can be pressed in seconds.

Installations comprising thick-walled steel pipes to DIN EN 10255, DIN EN 10220/10216-1 and DIN EN 10220/10217-1 are often still welded, and in some cases bolted or joined by couplings. Thanks to Viega, cold press connecting technology is now establishing itself in those applications too. With the Megapress piping system, thick-walled steel pipes with rough surfaces up to 2 inches can be pressed with ease. With no open flame, and so no fire risk, a safe, reliably leak-tight pipe connection is created in just a few seconds, and can be immediately subjected to full loading. With the addition to the system of the Megapress S XL, those processing advantages now also apply for thick-walled steel pipes in 2½, 3 and 4 inch sizes.

Pressing up to 80 percent faster than welding

With the Megapress S XL connectors, the pressing is carried out using a so-called press booster, tailored to the specific system, which can be driven by any Viega press machine from Type 2 up to and including Pressgun 5. With this specially developed press force booster, even the new XL connectors can be pressed in a matter of seconds. Depending on size, time savings are as much as 80 percent compared to welding.

Its light weight, carrying strap and ergonomically styled handle make the Pressgun press booster safe and easy to use. It makes pipe installations up to and including 4 inch size much easier, even when working at height and in tight spaces.

Extensive range with the “SC-Contur” quality advantage

Megapress S XL connectors are made of steel and coated with zinc-nickel. The sealing element is made of FKM, and is rated for operating temperatures up to 140 °C. An extensive range of sleeves, elbows, adapters, reducers, T-pieces and flanges provide solutions for virtually any installation.

Like all Viega press connectors, the new Megapress S XL connectors feature the “SC-Contur”. This designed-in leakiness in the unpressed state ensures that any mistakenly unpressed connectors are immediately detected in the leakage test. After pressing the connection is permanently leak-tight.